Veneer is eco-material!

Veneer is eco-material!

Udacha-UDF invites you to visit our website dedicated to manufacture of products based on a beautiful and environmentally friendly material - wood veneer.


Our veneered products are based only on veneered sheet of natural wood and various chipboard, MDF, plywood boards, etc., and designed to meet the extensive needs of our customers.


We sincerely hope that you will definitely find the right solution here and that we will be given the opportunity to start business with you in the near future!


In the course of business, we constantly develop our technologies using European production lines, we improve and introduce new veneered products. We also try to effectively and efficiently use the natural resources required for manufacture of our products.

Our mission. .
The company's goal is to be at the top of its business. We create high-quality veneered products for our customers, ensuring income to our investors, creating opportunities for growth and prosperity for our employees.

Our principles.
We apply the principles of honesty, openness and respect to all we do in the manufacture of veneered products. Our basic principle states that the customer’s interests come first.
Our values
Work for the benefit of people close to us. Positive feedback is the best reward for us.
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