The list of products—veneered materials and semi-finished products offered by UDF LTD

Veneering of plates with natural veneer 

The production of veneered (faced) boards is gluing to the board surface material or low-grade wood of shirts from sliced veneer, which are made of fine wood in order to obtain veneer decorative materials and products of higher quality.

Spliced veneer sheet 

Spliced veneer sheet made from natural planed veneer. If there is a press in the furniture industry, you can order from us only shirts made of natural veneer and successfully produce high-quality cabinet furniture in the style of natural furniture.

Duplicated veneer and natural edge . 

The duplicated veneer is sliced veneer, spliced along the length of a zigzag joint, glued onto a non-woven base, and sanded on the exposed surface.

Veneered MDF profile 

The veneered MDF profile is a milled MDF profile, shrouded in sanded double veneer

Prefabricated MDF veneered facades 

MDF veneered facades - assembled at 45 and 90 degrees from a milled MDF profile covered with duplicated veneers using wooden pinned tenons.

Frame MDF facades covered with veneer 

Frame MDF facades covered with veneer are assembled at 45 and 90 degrees from a milled MDF profile covered with double veneer using wooden pinned tenons

Solid Carved Decor 

Decor carved from solid wood - made by milling patterns and ornaments on a wooden workpiece using a CNC machine

Laser cutting and engraving 

Laser cutting is a cutting and cutting technology of plate material using a high-power laser. Laser engraving is the application of an image to a product using a focused laser beam.
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