Veneering of plates with natural veneer

UDF LTD produces a wide range of high-quality veneered (faced) boards of large format: MDF, chipboard, fiberboard, plywood, and blockboard, and are available at the warehouse in Kiev with the standard veneered board in oak, ash, and alder.

MDF plates veneered. 

MDF—a medium-density fiberboard—is a board material made of chopped wood fibers and waste treated with environmental binders, followed by hot pressing and grinding (MDF density is 700–870kg/m3). We veneer customized MDF boards and replenish veneered MDF in oak, ash, and alder at our warehouse in Kiev.

Veneered (faced) chipboards 

Veneered chipboard is a board material made of chopped wood waste, shavings, and sawdust mixed with a binder and covered with veneer. These are usually synthetic, formaldehyde resins followed by hot pressing and grinding (chipboard density is from 350 to 800kg/m3).

Faced plywood 

The faced plywood (a wood-base laminate board) is a multi-layer faced material produced by gluing specially prepared birch rotary cut veneer. The veneer sheets are glued with urea-formaldehyde resin, so this material is considered environmentally friendly due to the low emission of formaldehyde. Due to its many advantages, faced plywood is an excellent material for making furniture, even for children. The density of birch plywood is 650kg/m3.

Veneered blockboard 

The blockboard is a board composed of natural softwood bars spliced into the smooth seam and covered on both sides with birch or maple rotary cut veneer. This is an excellent board material, not inferior to a solid wood for the manufacture of high-quality furniture. It is lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly. Density of the blockboard is 450-650kg/m3.

Fiberboards veneered 

The fiberboard is a board material made in the process of hot, wet pressing from a mass of finely chopped wood shavings and fibers, but with the addition of various synthetic binders, such as resins, paraffins, antiseptics (material density from 250 to 900kg/m3). Such technology allows making only thin material.
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